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Ford Transit Replacement High Security Lock

Ford Transit Door lock open to attack by Thieves !

You may have seen reports about Ford Transit/Transit custom being easily broken into!!

Thieves have found that it is very easy to break the Ford factory fitted lock
and that opens all the doors and turns off the factory fitted alarm.

Although Ford has updated there software to try and over come some of these problems, they still come fitted with the standard key barrel, this is the weak point.

We can supply a high security key barrel (3 high security keys supplied) that will replace the factory fitted barrel.
we also install a stainless steel ring/bezel which stops the barrel from being gripped.

Currently there is very high demand for these replacement locks, our local Ford main agent has a 3 week waiting list.

Want to know how insecure your ford transit / transit custom is ?
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replock Transit Custom Transit Replacement high security lock KENT
Transit Replacement high security lock
£175.00 *Fitted
*Please click on the individual product for pricing details.
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